French Tax Returns

French and UK Tax Returns

Please note that our service covers ONLY taxation – we do NOT promote or advise on the purchase of any investment products.

This economic service is for people retired to France who have applied for a Carte de Sejour under the Brexit withdrawal agreement - whereby one becomes automatically “fiscally resident” and legally required to complete a French Tax Return.

In addition, you may still have to complete a UK Tax Return for certain income types (Government pensions, UK letting income) which remain taxable in th UK. These must also be declared in a French Tax Return, but tax relief is then claimed under the UK-France Double Taxation Convention, greatly reducing any overall total tax bill.

By completing both the UK and French Returns, you will comply with the law and avoid penalties, but may also pay substantially less tax in total than you would have paid if you had been living in UK and completing only a UK Return ! UK & French tax systems differ in activities that are heavily taxed - In France many retirees pay little or no income tax, as more of the tax burden falls on employers.

For a limited period we are offering an introductory free and no-obligation service to estimate the tax you could pay (to the UK and France in total) as a French resident, compared with the tax you would pay if living in the UK with the same total income.

For this free service, we only ask for your email address and approximate income figures - and no other personal information. If you then wish to receive details of our services covering both Tax Returns, then please contact us. We guarantee that we will not store your email or make any further unsolicited contact.

If you wish to proceed with our free estimate, we need only the figures for your current annual income (estimates OK), for yourself and your spouse. We will then reply to your email address.

To provide this information, please download, complete and return this questionnaire.

French and UK Tax Returns Questionnaire

French and UK Tax Returns Questionnaire